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Audio Codes, Israel
VoIP (Analog and Digital Gateways with FXS and FXO & E1)

Routers Interface Converters Modems

CISCO Systems, USA
Routers, Switches, VoIP and Wireless peripherals

Routers, Switches and VoIP peripherals

Processors, Motherboards and Networking products

MRO-RAD, Israel
Leased-Line Modems, Fiber Optic Modems, E1 to Ethernet Router /Bridges and Interface Converters

Nomus Comm, India
Leased Line Modems, Fiber Optic Modems, E1 to Ethernet Router / Bridges and Interface Converters





  • Consultancy
  • Design and implementation of Local LAN /WAN Solutions
  • Complete turnkey IT solutions, including IT Troubleshooting
  • Internet / Intranet solutions and network related software.
  • Integrating Corporate Data communication using superior Bandwidth management techniques
  • Enterprise network management system with on-site support.
  • AMC of Networking Leased lines / Fiber lines / ISDN Circuits Computers and Peripherals
  • Repairs of Modems and Routers
  • Web designing and Hosting


1. LAN / WAN Solutions

We design, install and manage leased lines, mixed WANs, apart from undertaking value-added services like secure VPNs, bandwidth management and budgeting. We install and manage peripheral equipment that includes desktops, LAN cabling, Routers, etc.

2. Networking Solutions

CISCOM is one of the leading providers of telecommunications technology in India - uniquely positioned to provide turnkey solutions for national and international corporate networks. CISCOM plans, designs and implements solutions to support customer-oriented applications. CISCOM offers its customers complete end-to-end solutions in telecommunications including:

  • Networking Applications
  • Voice Systems
  • Products and Solutions
  • Professional Services
  • Enterprise Services - Support and Maintenance

3. Wireless Solutions/ Hot spot/ Wi-Fi Solutions

Wireless LANs enable users to establish and maintain a mobile network connection throughout or between buildings, without the limitations of wires or cables. CISCOM provides a family of Wi-Fi LAN products that combine the mobility and flexibility users want from a Wi-Fi LAN product with the throughput and security they demand from a business LAN.

4. Video Conference Solutions and VoIP Solutions

CISCOM provides Linking solutions for videoconferencing and multicast video streaming over IP networks. Benefits to be gained include faster response time, involvement of more people and greater access to information resources.

5. Security and Storage Solutions
With the explosion of the Internet and e-commerce, enterprises and computer networks, if not adequately secured, are increasingly vulnerable to damaging attacks. Hackers, viruses, vindictive employees and even human error all represent clear and present dangers to networks.

All computer users, from the most casual Internet surfers to large enterprises, could be affected by network security breaches. However, security breaches can often be easily prevented, thanks to CISCOMís integrated Security firewalls and Storage Solutions.

6. Voice Solutions

  • IP Based Telephony Server
  • Digital Hybrid EPABX Systems
  • Digital ISDN Key Telephone Systems
  • Business Communication System
  • Analog EPABX Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • VOIP Solutions

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